Clients can either purchase stock items or commission a work to their specific requirements. Browse our gallery for images of some of our stock items and contact us for details.

For a commissioned art work, a cost estimate depends on many factors, such as the sourcing and type of material to be used, the complexity of the work, the size, manoeuvrability and final location of the work.

The commission process allows the artist to understand the clients requirements and to advise the client of all aspects before a final concept is developed.
If required, a consultation for a commission can take place at any mutually convenient location but the final position of the artwork would be ideal - or simply phone us or email your ideas.

A proposal fee may be requested at this stage, according to any significant time and travel that may be involved in producing the proposal - but most commissions would not attract any fee. Any proposal fee will be deducted from the overall price if the client decides to proceed. Purchasing a stock artwork will not attract a proposal fee.

A final proposal will then be produced stating price and expected delivery time, and will include any sketches or specific requirements developed.

The artwork is then commenced.

Contact us via this website or by phone for any questions you may have or pricing of stock items.